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Blessed Week Sale 2018

Sale of Upto 50% on all Car Care Item 
  • Portable Steam Cleaner

    Rs.4,399 Rs.5,500

  • Turtle Sliver Chrome

    Rs.499 Rs.750

  • Meguiar's Ultimate Wash and Wax

    Rs.2,280 Rs.2,500

  • Meguiars Cleaner Wax Paste

    Rs.2,099 Rs.2,300

  • Collinite 325 Auto cleaner wax

    Rs.2,399 Rs.2,500

  • Meguiar's Polish, Compound &...

    Rs.4,999 Rs.5,500

  • Kenco Soft Microfiber Towels 6 P...

    Rs.699 Rs.850

  • Karcher WV 1 Plus Window Vacuum ...

    Rs.11,250 Rs.15,000

  • Karcher Wet & Dry Vacuum Cle...

    Rs.16,500 Rs.18,000

  • Turtle Wax Express Shine (16oz./...


  • Kärcher 3 in 1 Car Shampoo (5 Li...

    Rs.2,350 Rs.2,850

  • Turtle Black Chrome

    Rs.499 Rs.650

  • Meguiar's Ultimate Polish

    Rs.1,780 Rs.1,800

  • ARMOR ALL TIRE FOAM (22oz./591ml)

    Rs.860 Rs.950

  • Collinite 476s Super Doublecoat ...

    Rs.2,599 Rs.3,500

  • Turtle Wax Perfect Finish Glass ...

    Rs.750 Rs.850

  • Meguiar's SwirlX Swirl Remover

    Rs.1,750 Rs.1,800

  • Meguiar's Ultimate Compound

    Rs.1,780 Rs.1,950

  • Kenco Microfiber Wash Sponge Pad

    Rs.399 Rs.500

  • Meguiar's Black Wax Paste

    Rs.2,650 Rs.2,750

  • Turtle Original Paste Wax

    Rs.780 Rs.850

  • Armor All 6 Pcs Microfibre Clean...

    Rs.950 Rs.1,100

  • Kenco 9 Pieces Microfiber Cleani...

    Rs.1,199 Rs.1,600

  • Meguiar's Engine Cleaner (47...

    Rs.1,199 Rs.1,350