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Sonax Felt/Glass Polishing Pads (2 pcs)

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SONAX - Felt Polishing Pads Pkg/2

These are polishing pads designed specifically for applying SONAX Glass polish with a polishing machine.

They are also suitable for localized polishing of heavily scratched areas with an abrasive compound.

Directions for use:

  • Position the pad with the black velcro side concentrically onto the back-up plate 115mm.
  • Moisten with a little water.
  • Apply a small amount of polish.
  • Polish at low to medium rotational speed polish, exerting medium pressure without tilting.
  • As soon as the polishing pad starts running dry, immediately spray on some water.

Please note: Use a soft brush to clean the pad. Put the dry pad onto the polishing machine, turn on and touch the surface of the pad with the brush. Do not wash with water!

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