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SONAX Super Liquid Wax (500ml)

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* Only for Pakistan

** Not valid for tyres or heavy items

Note: Any order above 10 thousand require upfront money using Bank transfer or Easy Paisa

Protects standard and metallic paintwork against the effects of weather. Gives deep shine and restores colours. Removes tar stains. Very easy to apply. Shampoo resistant.

Directions for Use:

Wash vehicle with SONAX Gloss Shampoo and dry it with a chamois leather
Shake can before use
Apply sparingly and distribute evenly with SONAX CarCareCloth or soft dry cloth
Only treat small sections at a time
Briefly allow to dry, then buff to a high shine
Do not apply in direct sunlight or onto hot surfaces

Safety data:
Remove contaminated clothing.
In case of contact with skin wash off with water.
In case of contact with eyes rinse thoroughly with water
Do not induce vomiting. Refer for medical treatment.

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