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  • 10H Nano Ceramic Coating

    Rs.2,999 Rs.3,500

  • 3M 443SA Trizact Foam P1000 – 3I...

    Rs.350 Rs.380

  • 3M Acrylic Double Sided Foam Tap...

    Rs.2,350 Rs.2,500

  • 3M All Purpose Cleaner & Deg...


  • 3M Auto Masking Tape 18mmx50m 30...

    Rs.399 Rs.500

  • 3M Blue High Performance Ultra S...

    Rs.699 Rs.750

  • 3M Car Wash Soap

    Rs.2,699 Rs.4,400

  • 3M Car Wash Soap, 1 Gallon


  • 3M Chrome and Metal Polish

    Rs.2,550 Rs.2,750

  • 3M Detailing Solvent Spray Trigg...

    Rs.1,099 Rs.1,150

  • 3M Detailing Spray Bottle, 32 fl...

    Rs.1,180 Rs.1,280

  • 3M Detailing Spray Trigger Nozzl...

    Rs.1,420 Rs.1,500

  • 3M Detailing Squeeze Bottle


  • 3M Engine & Tyre Dressing, 1...


  • 3M Essentials Combo

    Rs.4,999 Rs.5,800

  • 3M Foaming Engine Degreaser 16....

    Rs.1,899 Rs.2,200

  • 3M Glass Cleaner, 19 oz.


  • 3M Gold Squeege (Applicator)

    Rs.599 Rs.650

  • 3M High Power Brake Cleaner

    Rs.1,299 Rs.1,500

  • 3M Hookit Backup Pad

    Rs.7,450 Rs.8,000

  • 3M Hookit Perfect-It III Polishi...


  • 3M Imperial Hand Glaze

    Rs.2,299 Rs.2,500

  • 3M Low Lint Double Sided Wool Co...


  • 3M Mag and Aluminum Polish

    Rs.2,999 Rs.3,200

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