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April 13, 2017

Brazilian Carnuba Car Wax

Carnauba is nature's hardest, purest, and most transparent wax. It is derived from the "Tree of Life" (Copernica Cerifera), native to northern Brazil. Each summer, a thick yellow wax is extracted from the plant's leaves. This wax is poured into wooden molds and allowed to harden under the hot Brazilian sun. Government inspectors then grade each Carnauba brick according to color and purity. The highest quality carnauba is rated #1 Grade Yellow Carnauba.


Carnauba wax, otherwise known as palm wax and Brazil wax is the hardest, naturally occurring wax on the planet and it has many uses. It is mainly constructed of fatty alcohols, hydrocarbons and fatty acids. Carnauba wax’s appearance is usually yellowish brown and it is flaky. This makes it far too brittle to use by itself, so in order to create the finished car waxing product, it is usually mixed with other, softer waxes to make it pliable. Carnauba wax can also be edible. It might surprise you to know that some of the candy or dental floss you consume is covered in the sort of wax that you use to polish your car. It is also used in the coating of pharmaceutical tablets, chewing gum, frostings and even Tic-Tacs.

Automobile Use:

Carnauba wax polish has become one of the most used and popular forms of car wax. It is highly recommended across many mediums and there are a large amount of auto supply companies producing it. Turtle Wax Carnauba Wax Cleaner is one of the more known brands. It comes in Spray form, soft cream form and paste form, suitable for any conditions of use. Carnauba spray wax should be sprayed evenly and thinly. When using carnauba wax, the old adage, less is more, is always worth bearing in mind. Spread it as thin as possible and get the most from a small amount. Used correctly you will get better results than if you lather it on thick. Once applied, it will set to leave a hard wearing coat on your car which can also be difficult to remove. 

Carnuba Tree

How to Use Carnauba Wax

You can use carnauba wax with your hands. It has the capacity to be therapeutic. If you use hair wax on your hair, you will probably get it in a tub, dig out a little on your fingers and mix it in the palm of your hand to warm it and loosen it. This is exactly the same way you can treat carnauba wax. Just take a little on your palm and rub your hands together. Once the wax has softened appropriately, you can massage it onto your car. Once you have spread it very thinly onto the car, let it cure for a few minutes. Laying it on extremely thinly will speed up that process. After a few minutes, rub it in and then use a micro-fiber cloth to buff and polish it.

Why Should you Use Carnauba Wax?

The quick answer to that is, why shouldn’t you. It’s all about preference but, suffice to say that carnauba wax is very hard wearing and extremely durable. Carnauba car wax has a long lasting effect and benefit to the exterior paint on your vehicle. Owing to its hard wearing properties, it is favored among many other waxes available.

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July 16, 2014

Better tyres with orange peel

The involvement of orange oil in the rubber compound to manufacture tires of sounds like a bad joke - but it's actually a creative idea, patented by Yokohama.


All we know that tires are made of rubber - but that's only part of the truth.Modern tires are made of rubber compounds with a variety of ingredients, which vary depending on tire use and between different manufacturers. Natural rubber is usually only a small part of the mix as the tires are made of. In the advanced rubber compound used in the manufacture of Yokohama's new low rolling resistance tires BluEarth AE-01 are included among many things an orange oil extracted from orange peel . Reindeer recycling, as the shells would otherwise have been thrown when the orange juice exploited. It sounds perhaps a little odd, but is not really so surprising. When Yokohama's development engineers under his constant experimentation with various new solutions and ingredients realized that the orange oil had a pure and natural product in suitable dosage in the rubber compound made good use so was clear. The new tire BluEarth AE-01 is for regular small and midsize cars and contributing to reduced fuel consumption and thus also to the reduction of greenhouse gas carbon dioxide. The tire rolls 20 percent longer than the previous model and is also 10 percent lighter. Both these features contribute to fuel savings, and BluEarth AE-01 will also benefit your wallet by very good durability.In addition, this new Yokohama tires also very good traction on both dry and wet surfaces, and that all these good qualities combined in one tire am certainly not usual. The Yokohama engineers still managed to do so depends among other things on the patented mixing of orange oil, whose molecules have a lot in common with the molecules of natural rubber and, thanks to this blends well with the other ingredients in the rubber compound. Orange oil's main contribution in the mix is ​​that the tire will be softer without the wear resistance deteriorates, and because it is softer increases tire contact with the road - which in turn increases traction on both dry and wet surfaces. Exactly how much orange oil and the other ingredients that are included in the rubber compound in BluEarth AE-01 - and in what proportions - is of course a trade secret.

But now it's no longer a secret that oranges are not only good for health, they are good on the road and for the environment too!

July 01, 2014

New website for mobile users

According to our research most users visiting us using their mobile devices and desktop user interface is not a very convenient way to browse our website on mobile. So we listen you and create a new mobile friendly website that works better on mobile. You can browse all the options as you have on desktop version with the ease of mobile user interface. Landing page

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April 04, 2014

Welcome to our new website

Welcome to our brand new website about Auto spare parts. Here we try to give your some tips about car care so keep an eye.
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