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July 16, 2014

Better tyres with orange peel

The involvement of orange oil in the rubber compound to manufacture tires of sounds like a bad joke - but it's actually a creative idea, patented by Yokohama.


All we know that tires are made of rubber - but that's only part of the truth.Modern tires are made of rubber compounds with a variety of ingredients, which vary depending on tire use and between different manufacturers. Natural rubber is usually only a small part of the mix as the tires are made of. In the advanced rubber compound used in the manufacture of Yokohama's new low rolling resistance tires BluEarth AE-01 are included among many things an orange oil extracted from orange peel . Reindeer recycling, as the shells would otherwise have been thrown when the orange juice exploited. It sounds perhaps a little odd, but is not really so surprising. When Yokohama's development engineers under his constant experimentation with various new solutions and ingredients realized that the orange oil had a pure and natural product in suitable dosage in the rubber compound made good use so was clear. The new tire BluEarth AE-01 is for regular small and midsize cars and contributing to reduced fuel consumption and thus also to the reduction of greenhouse gas carbon dioxide. The tire rolls 20 percent longer than the previous model and is also 10 percent lighter. Both these features contribute to fuel savings, and BluEarth AE-01 will also benefit your wallet by very good durability.In addition, this new Yokohama tires also very good traction on both dry and wet surfaces, and that all these good qualities combined in one tire am certainly not usual. The Yokohama engineers still managed to do so depends among other things on the patented mixing of orange oil, whose molecules have a lot in common with the molecules of natural rubber and, thanks to this blends well with the other ingredients in the rubber compound. Orange oil's main contribution in the mix is ​​that the tire will be softer without the wear resistance deteriorates, and because it is softer increases tire contact with the road - which in turn increases traction on both dry and wet surfaces. Exactly how much orange oil and the other ingredients that are included in the rubber compound in BluEarth AE-01 - and in what proportions - is of course a trade secret.

But now it's no longer a secret that oranges are not only good for health, they are good on the road and for the environment too!

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