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3M Car Wash Soap

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39000 3M Car Wash Soap, 16 fl oz./473ml

Only a cup of concentrated Car Wash Shampoo will create enough bubbles and lubricity of wash allows dirt particles, which would otherwise scratch the paint, rinsed away safely leaving behind a perfectly clean finish. A gentle-cleansing liquid gel does not remove wax, yet easily washes away all traces of grease, dirt and grit. 100% safe for all clear coats, and phosphate free! Conditioners in the formula moisturize the paint, while fighting against water spots. Yield around 15 washes.


1. Dispense one fluid ounce of soap concentrate into a clean bucket and add one gallon of water.

2. Thoroughly rinse vehicle with water to remove any grit that could scratch the paint surface.

3. Wash the vehicle using 3M Microfiber Detail Cloth or a clean, soft, sponge, towel or wash mitt.

4. Rinse thoroughly and dry using a Microfiber Detail Cloth or a clean soft terry cloth towel or chamois.

5. To easily enhance your vehicle’s shine, use 3M Quick Wax while wiping the vehicle dry.


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