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3M Perfect-IT III Fast Compound

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PN # 09374 

Size: 1 Kg

Description and end uses:

3M 09374 is a coarse compound for use on refinish paints to remove sanding scratches after flatting or denibbing with 3M 260L P1200 or P1500 abrasive discs or 3M Microfine 1500 and 2000 wet sanding paper. It can also be used to remove light to medium oxidation and scratches, car wash scratches, etc., on original manufacturer’s paints. 3M 09374 is recommended to be used with an electric or air driven polishing machine (1500-2500 rpm) equipped with a 3M Perfect-it Compounding Sponge Pad 09550 or 01927 Perfect-it Wool Compounding Pad and Perfect-it Back-up Pad 09552/3.

Product highlights:

  1. Fast cutting
  2. Gives a high gloss finish
  3. Easy to clean off surfaces
  4. Low sling
  5. Removes overspray

Directions for Use:

1. Apply sufficient compound to work a 60 cm x 60 cm area

2. Place the pad over the compound and spread before starting the machine. (Machine speed = 1500-2500 rpm). If pad is new or dry, spread some compound on the pad first to ‘wet’ the pad

3. Buff using light to medium pressure

4. Reduce the pressure as the compound begins to dry up

5. Wipe the surface and check that all the sanding scratches are removed. Re-apply if necessary

6. Any compounding swirl marks can be easily removed to produce a high gloss finish on hard paints using 3M Perfect-it Machine Polish (09548) on a 3M Perfect-it High Gloss Polishing Pad (09551)

7. Clean adjacent panel surfaces with a clean polishing wipe. Unpainted plastic surfaces should be cleaned immediately with soap and water before moving to the next panel


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