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3M Rubbing Compound

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(39002) 3M Rubbing Compound 16oz./473ml

Remove fine scratches, oxidation, coarse swirl marks and water spots! Aggressive but safe against fine scratches (grade 1200 or finer), light to medium oxidation, pesky water spots and coarse swirl marks. The super-fine cut abrasive wears down sharp edges and smoothes out the paint’s surface, preparing it for a polish or glaze, followed by a protective wax. Easy to use by hand or with a machine. Used properly, it is safe for all solid, metallic and clear coat finishes. 

Excellent for hand compounding applications. It safely and effectively removes grade 1200 or finer sand scratches, other fine scratches, medium oxidation, coarse swirl marks or water spots, and leaves a fine finish.

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