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Black Magic Engine Shine 2 in 1

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  • Degreaser & shine
  • Cleans, degreases, and shines in one easy step
  • Safe for all engine parts - no wrapping is required
  • No high pressure sprayer required
Available Size: 20oz
  1. For best results, use on warm engine.
  2. With the engine off, spray over entire engine. Also use on fenders, cowlings and under the hood.
  3. For tough stains and grease, use a brush or rag.
  4. Allow the product to stand for 15 minutes.
  5. Rinse engine compartment using a light flow of water. Use as little water as possible. Do not spray in air intake, on carburetor, or on exposed wiring.
  6. Run engine for 10 minutes or until components are dry.
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