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  • Black Magic Tire Wet Foam - Autohub Pakistan
  • Black Magic Tire Wet Foam - Autohub Pakistan

Black Magic Tire Wet Foam

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Black Magic® Tire Wet® Foam cleans, shines and protects, in ONE STEP! Simply spray and walk away! Specially formulated thick foam clings to the tire to dissolve and release dirt, road grime and mud. Silicone oils protect and enrich your tires to reveal that ultimate Tire Wet shine! Easy to control spray for excellent coverage- no over-spray – plus sprays upside down. Tire look clean, wet and shiny.

  • Long-lasting intensity. Weather and rinse-resistant formula keeps your tires looking black and glossy for weeks, not days.
  • Minimal sling. The thick, clinging tire wet formula adheres to the tires to produce minimal sling.
  • Scuff defense. Self-healing formula automatically fills in small scuffs and maintains a smooth, black shine.
  • Clear, residue-free shine. Clear formula leaves behind no white powdery residue – just pure, wet shine.
Available Size: 18oz
  1. Shake can well.
  2. Apply to wet or dry tires.
  3. Spray foam liberally 6 inches from tire, covering sidewall surface evenly. Foam action starts cleaning instantly.
  4. Allow to dry approximately 10 minutes. No wiping or scrubbing required.


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