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Bullsone Motorcycle Plastic Restorer

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Bullsone Motorcycle Plastic Restorer ]

* Capacity : 150mL
* Type : Soft Gel / Normal cap

* Purpose of Use : Waxing uncoated plastic parts


•Restores color of uncoated black plastic parts faded, dull and discolored by UV, Ozone and contamination.

•Coating effect by specially formulated Polymer preventing fading, discoloration and oxidation and last for about 3 months.

•Able to use it for matt plastic parts of cars as well - Uncoated Bumper, Engine room, Door trim, Door scuff, Side step, Seat molding and Garnish as well as the bike's exterior matte plastic parts, surfaces with excellent gloss and durability.


How to Use

①Wash motorbike and dry it completely. Do not use on dirty or hot surfaces
②Shake well before use
③Apply at small and invisible area with small amount for pre-test and if there is no problem, keep using it.
④Applying product on microfiber and properly rub and buff with a clean and dry side of microfiber.
⑤After use, completely clean the area to prevent stains or marks by residue.
⑥Repeat 2-3 times if the plastic part is badly discolored by uv, ozone and wax

※Use the product on cool plastic surface under a shaded area. (Direct sunlight may cause stains.)

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