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Farecla All-Purpose Rubbing Compound 1kg

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Product details of Farecla All-Purpose Rubbing Compound 1kg

  • Removes up to P1500 abrasive marks – Less sanding required with no fillers – Time saving and leaves a permanent finish
  • Gives a superb gloss finish – less usage of finishing products required – saves money
  • Silicone free – can be used in a bodyshop – saves money, can be applied near to where paints are

Universal Rubbing Compound is a general use rubbing compound which has been developed for use by hand or machine.

For best results by machine follow these recommended steps:

Soak the Farécla G-Mop Compounding Foam in clean water Squeeze excess water from foam and fit to a polishing machine Spin off excess water until there is no over-spray from the foam Apply a small amount of Universal Compound to the paint surface or foam. Spread the compound onto the panel with the foam before starting the machine (reduces splatter) Begin compounding with a free running speed of 1500 – 1800 rpm. Buff until marks have been removed Keep the G Mop damp by spraying minimal amounts of clean water from a Farécla water spray bottle. Add more Universal compound if necessary to completely remove the marks To finish, wipe carefully.

For best results by hand follow these recommended steps:

Apply Universal Compound to the surface using a clean damp cotton cloth and rub over the area using firm backwards and forwards movements. The direction of these movements should be changed regularly to ensure a smooth and even coverage of the area. Add further water from a spray bottle if required If there are harsh blemishes to be removed, it will be necessary to apply further compound in order to make use of the compound when the cut is at its most efficient When the defects have been removed wipe away and excess residue and buff the surface.

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