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  • Kisho Si-901 Top Ceramic Coating Crystal Liquid
  • Kisho Si-901 Top Ceramic Coating Crystal Liquid
  • Kisho Si-901 Top Ceramic Coating Crystal Liquid
  • Kisho Si-901 Top Ceramic Coating Crystal Liquid

Kisho Si-901 Top Ceramic Coating Crystal Liquid

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901 Top Ceramic Coating Crystal Liquid

SIZE: 30ml 

Si-901 ceramic coating agent is top-level kisho glass coating product, featured with various glass coating advantages for top performance. Combined practice with X-03 protectant after practice, can protect the coating film in its hardening stage, and also can effectively prevent raindrop imprint, enabling perfect glass coating effectiveness.


Product description

 3D molecular chains penetrate the lacquer surface, with deep highlight; modified ceramic crystal layer, solid and compact protection lasting, easy to resist the pollution of erosion; condensation nano-technology, make the ice crystal smooth, always maintain a new glossy, is a revolutionary paint Protective products.

KISHO top lacquer ceramic glass coating agent, the precision and smooth film to achieve an unprecedented transparent gorgeous luster, film adhesion for 5 years, long-term to maintain a transparent gorgeous perfect results. Unique construction technology, less dosage, more prominent superb sense of the film, brightness and water splashing effect, so that the original paint to retain the color while enhancing the noble temperament of paint.

It reacts with moisture in the air to form a glass film

After coating the quartz glass coating, it becomes a film of inorganic silica glass (SiO 2), causing a chemical reaction with the moisture in the air, with little deterioration. Since it takes several weeks to complete the cure, we will apply the protective material to the quartz glass coating at the completion of construction. Dirt adhering to the glass coating can only be easily dropped by washing.

Si-701 and Si-901 overlay use, the effect is more perfect. 3D double protection film.

Product features

 【Ingredients】Polysiloxane and other Nano materials etc.


 【Continuous protection of time】5 years durability

 【Storage method 】Store at room temperature, avoid direct sunlight    



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