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Koch Chemie Flb Flugrostentferner Bmp 12 KG

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KochChemie Flugrostentferner BMP Flb Highly Concentrated Powerful, Acidic Cleaner 12 KG

Highly concentrated powerful, acidic cleaner for removing inorganic dirt such as rust bloom, limescale, brake particles, etc., from acid-resistant surfaces such as paint, glass, ceramic and metal parts. Corrosion inhibitors protect temporarily against corrosion. With Daimler’s approval.

Areas of use
Acid-resistant surfaces of cars, commercial vehicles, etc.

Recommendations for use
Depending on the dirt accumulation, apply a 1:3 to 1:20 solution to the whole of the rinsed areas, allow to react for a short time, where necessary use a brush or sponge and use a high-pressure cleaner to rinse off thoroughly.

Do not use on hot surfaces.; Do not let dry.; Do not use on sensitive unpainted plastics (danger of discoloring).

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