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Liqui Moly Common Rail Additive (250 ml)

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Diesel System Treatment is a combination of agents with a high proportion of lubrication improvers and cleaners. This product is therefore specially formulated to meet the demands of diesel engines with Common Rail and Pump-Injection high pressure injection using low sulphur diesel fuels and to give protection against wear. Other agents which have cleaning, dispersion and material protection properties maintain the operation of high-precision injectors. Due to the increased ignition performance, the fuel shows better combustion behaviour when the engine is cold and the pollution from odours in the exhaust is reduced.


- optimizes engine performance
- tested for catalytic converters
- good corrosion protection
- stable to oxidation prevents seizing and the injector needles from gumming up
- excellent cleanliness
- boosts the cetane number
- guarantees low fuel consumption
- minimizes wear
- increases the lubricating effect
- removes deposits from entire fuel system
- guarantees optimum combustion

Areas of application:

Added to diesel fuel for all diesel engines with Common Rail and Pump-Injection-Systems. Ideally suitable for preserving engines when decommissioned for long periods under extreme conditions.

-The ignition performance is increased and the lubrication action and lubricity performance are improved only by adding the product to low-sulphur diesel fuels on a continual basis. One 250 ml can of the product is sufficient for 75 litres of fuel. Dosage 1:300
-To keep the injectors clean and for corrosion protection, add Diesel System Treatment to the passenger vehicle diesel fuel tank every 2,000 km.
-When decommissioning and preserving engines, add Diesel System Treatment to diesel fuel at the rate of 1 %. Follow the instructions on preservation.
- Diesel System Treatment can be mixed with the fuel at any time since mixing takes place automatically.
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