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Sonax Profiline Ultimate Cut (1 Liter)

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Highly effective grinding polish for high process speeds, contains high-purity, extremely hard aluminum oxide. Removes grindings from P1000 even faster. Use wherever high polishing speeds are necessary, for example on fresh paintwork or on very large surfaces such as mobile homes or boats. Silicone free. 

Sanding performance: 6+   gloss: 3


Product application

  • If necessary, sand the paintwork beforehand with sandpaper of grain size P1000 (or finer).
  • Either use a rotary polishing machine with SONAX lambswool pad 133 or eccentric polishing machine with SONAX hybrid wool  pad 143 DA  .
  • Machines can be tilted slightly at the beginning.
  • Then lay the pad flat and, above all, carry out several short polishing passes on fresh paint.
  • Wipe off polishing agent residues with an ultra-fine SONAX microfiber cloth .
  • Then  polish to a high gloss with SONAX Perfect Finish .

PLEASE NOTE: Do not overheat the polishing point. Clean polishing pads regularly and never use different polishing agents on one pad.

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