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SLICK 50 Recharged High Mileage Fuel System Treatment 473ml

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For Vehicles over 75,000 miles - Cleans & Restores the Complete Fuel System

The buildup of deposits in your fuel system can be a slow-growing problem for your car. If left unattended, the deposits can slowly rob your vehicle of power, fuel efficiency, and performance. You may start to experience poor acceleration, reduced fuel economy, hesitation, increased emissions, rough idling, or knocking & pinging.

With regular use, SLICK 50® Recharged Fuel System Treatment helps to:

  • PROTECT against power robbing friction
  • CLEAN harmful deposits & prevent future accumulation
  • RESTORES fuel economy and improve combustion
  • REDUCES emissions

Available Size: 16 FL. OZ. (473 mL) bottle


You can help your fuel system deliver reliable and consistent performance with regular use. Slick 50® Recharged Fuel System Treatment cleans the entire fuel system, including:

✓ Direct and Indirect Fuel Injectors

✓ Carburetors

✓ Combustion Chambers

✓ Piston Tops

✓ Cylinder Heads

✓ Intake Ports

✓ Intake Valves


SLICK 50® Recharged Fuel System Treatment has been proven to help:

  • Clean harmful deposits and prevent future accumulation
  • Improve fuel economy and improve combustion
  • Maximize horsepower
  • Smooth out rough idling and decrease engine hesitation


Shake well before use.

Add entire bottle to nearly empty gasoline tank. Refill tank with up to 18 gallons of fuel. 


Repeat treatment every 5,000 miles.

Store and transport in a closed, upright position.

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