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  • Sonax Profiline Cut Max (1 Liter)
  • Sonax Profiline Cut Max (1 Liter)

Sonax Profiline Cut Max (1 Liter)

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Item no : 02463000
Highly abrasive grinding paste, removes scratches and inclusions from repaired parts or original factory paintwork. Leaves minimal traces of processing and almost no polish residues. Easy to use. High abrasion with minimal dulling at the same time. Removes sanding marks from P1000 sandpaper.

Product application

  • Shake bottle before use.
  • Put some product on the SONAX foam pad hard or the SONAX lambs wool pad and polish at low speed and increased pressure for about 10 seconds, the machine can be tilted a little if there are deep scratches.
  • Then polish with low pressure for approx. 20 seconds, placing the sponge flat.
  • Then put new product on the pad and carry out another polishing pass.
  • The times given relate to an average hard paintwork and an area of ​​approx. 50 x 50 cm to be polished.
  • Remove polishing agent residues with a SONAX ultra-fine microfibre cloth .
  • Then finish polishing with SONAX PROFILINE Perfect Finish.

PLEASE NOTE: Do not overheat the polishing point. Clean polishing pads regularly and never use different polishing agents on one pad.


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