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STP Brake Fluid Dot 4 (500ml)

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STP® SYNTHETIC BRAKE FLUID DOT 4Protects brake system — for DOT3 and DOT4 ABS disc or drum brakes.

As your brake pads wear, the level of brake fluid drops.

STP® Synthetic Brake Fluid DOT 4 is specially formulated to get optimum performance out of disc or drum brake systems in today’s cars and trucks.


  • Increases dry boiling point to ensure maximum life and reliable braking power
  • Provides protection against brake failure from vapor lock
  • Helps prevent corrosion in brake system
  • Works with all brake systems requiring DOT 4 fluids
  • Exceeds federal motor vehicle safety standard No. 116
  • Meets SAE spec. J1704
  • Dot 4 Formula can be used in a Dot 4 system for higher-performing fluid


As needed. To bleed system, refer to service manual. Do not reuse brake fluid from bleeding operation.


This is a DOT 4 motor vehicle brake fluid.

Never wash cylinders or parts with gasoline, kerosene, or oil. Avoid spilling brake fluid on brake lining or car finish.

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