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Kent Chamois Company Ltd was founded in 1981 as manufacturers of genuine and synthetic chamois leather for the UK and overseas market. The company rapidly became established as a major player in this niche market and gradually began to expand its product range to cover the new growth area of automotive brush wear.
  • Kent Polisher App Pad

    Rs.150 Rs.200

  • Kent Microfibre Wash Mitt

    Rs.399 Rs.450

  • Kent Buffing Cloth

    Rs.399 Rs.450

  • Kent Microfibre Polishing Cloth


  • Kent Microfiber Polish Applicato...

    Rs.130 Rs.200

  • Kent Wax Applicator Pad for Poli...

    Rs.550 Rs.650

  • Kent Buffing Towel

    Rs.799 Rs.850

  • Kent 3pcs Polish Applicator Pad ...

    Rs.650 Rs.750

  • Kent Polishing Pad for Polisher

    Rs.599 Rs.650

  • Kent Microfibre Washpad

    Rs.399 Rs.450

  • Kent Polish Applictor Pad

    Rs.199 Rs.250

  • Kent Alloy Wheel Brush

    Rs.450 Rs.550

  • Kent Glass Cloth

    Rs.399 Rs.450

  • Kent 2 In 1 Microfiber Noodle Wa...

    Rs.799 Rs.850

  • Kent Clean & Sparkle

    Rs.750 Rs.850

  • Kent Detailing Cloth

    Rs.399 Rs.450

  • Kent Flexy Blade

    Rs.980 Rs.1,050

  • Kent 3 Sq. ft MF Synthetic Chamios

    Rs.980 Rs.1,100

  • Kent Microfibre Wash & Dry Pack

    Rs.1,250 Rs.1,375

  • Kent 1Kg White Cotton Polish Cloth

    Rs.2,999 Rs.3,200

  • Kent 100G Cotton Stockinette

    Rs.299 Rs.350

  • Kent Car Valet Gift Pack

    Rs.2,550 Rs.2,800

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